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The new revamped Mega Pack features a wide range of content creation tools for KDP, Printables, POD & Etsy creators.

Using the Mega Pack you can do everything from creating a low-content book, translating it into other languages & colouring book pages to creating Word Clouds, AI Image generation & SO MUCH MORE! Rather than hours this process only takes minutes!

The low content creation/editing tools support PDF, PPTX & ODP files which will allow you to create/edit files created in PowerPoint, Office Online, Keynote, Google Slides, Open Office, Canva, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer and so many more!

IMPORTANT AI GENERATION TOOLS SHOULD BE SEEN AS A BONUS RATHER THAN A GUARANTEE. The technology is new and unreliable. You assume full responsibility for any content you generate and create with the included AI tools and accept that the AI may unexpectedly generate nudity, violence, self-harm, or otherwise offensive content.

At the moment the features include...

AI Image Generation

Add gutter margin

Create a Calendar (ALL TRIM SIZES) with the ability to customise fonts and date format etc.

Change all fonts

Change shape line/fill colour

Convert to black paper

Convert to grayscale

Convert PDF to PPTX

Create blank presentation (with custom trim size)

Change individual fonts

Bulk delete shapes

One-click created lined paper (with custom line colour and line spacing for any trim size)

Created guided journal (import prompts from excel file included)

Import data (import multiple sets of data into different locations and slides from excel file included)

Create a weekly planner (ALL TRIM SIZES) with the ability to customise fonts and date format.

Create a daily planner (ALL TRIM SIZES) with the ability to customise fonts and date format.

Create a cover template by just entering page number, page colour and trim size

Create dot paper

Insert page numbers (choose starting slide and end page) with choice of page number formatting.

Bulk create outlines of pictures for colouring books. (Please bear in mind this is a one-click tool and makes the best guess with your picture and may not always return optimal results.)

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