Akari (Light Up) Puzzle Generator For PC/Mac MONTHLY

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Want to generate your own Akari (Light Up) logic puzzles? You are in the right place! The software comes with full commercial rights to the puzzles you create meaning you can do anything you desire with them (except for anything illegal!)

Put them in a book and sell it? No problem.

Sell the puzzles you create to someone else or via another website. No problem.

Keep them all to yourself to play. No problem either!

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely! There are only three different screens in the entire program...

The main screen

Choose how many puzzles you want to generate (it's up to you!), the grid size and the difficulty rating. After this we have our next two options that lead to our next 2 screens...

Graphic Options

Choose various options to make your Akari puzzles more unique and fit your needs better. Change the font, font color, grid and cell options including color and thickness, and of course the ability to scale/color our lights!

File Options

Choose your export format (PNG, JPG, BMP), image size, and locations for your puzzles and solutions. Hit Done and then you are back on the main screen ready to generate. Easy right?

How can I compile these into a book?

Luckily for you, your purchase of the Akari (Light Up) Puzzle Generator comes with access to the Bulk Image Importer FOR FREE! This will allow you to bulk import the puzzles (choose how many per page) you generate into a PowerPoint, Open Office, or PDF file that you can then further edit in PowerPoint, Open Office, Canva, Google Slides, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator... you name it!

What is an Akari (Light Up) Puzzle?

Akari is a logic puzzle game played on a rectangular grid, where the objective is to light up all the cells in the grid. The grid contains cells that are either numbered or unnumbered. The numbered cells contain a number that represents the number of light bulbs that must be placed in the cells adjacent to it (up, down, left, and right) to light up that cell.

The rules of Akari are as follows:

  1. Place light bulbs in unnumbered cells.
  2. A light bulb illuminates the cell it is in and all cells in the same row or column, until it reaches a numbered cell or the edge of the grid.
  3. The number in a numbered cell indicates how many light bulbs must be placed in cells adjacent to it.
  4. Light bulbs cannot be placed in cells that are already illuminated by another light bulb or numbered cell.
  5. All unnumbered cells must be illuminated by a light bulb, and all numbered cells must have the correct number of light bulbs adjacent to them.
  6. There should be no cells left unilluminated, and all cells should be connected to at least one other illuminated cell.
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Akari (Light Up) Puzzle Generator For PC/Mac MONTHLY

0 ratings