Pixel Color By Number Generator BETA LIFETIME (WINDOWS/MAC)

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This tool takes a folder full of images and automatically generates a pixelated color by number image.


  • Automatically select colours, choose maximum colours, force colours (whether you want to force the puzzle to have that number of colours) and the option to select the colours you want to use.
  • Choose individual grid size or bulk grid size
  • Choose font and font size
  • Ability to include the colour in the legend or have empty white box
  • Choose how many rows you want the legend to consist of
  • Marker size (colour box size)
  • Horizontal and vertical spacing for the legend
  • Font size and padding for legend
  • Include name of colour in legend

Grid features

  • Zoom in/out
  • Bulk change the color of a number by choosing a number and a new colour
  • Merge numbers with existing numbers in the grid
  • Toggle the background (whether or not to include the background in the colour by number image)
  • Change individual cells by right clicking to select a colour and then left click on the cell you want to replace

Output Features

  • Output in SVG format (vector format)
  • Choose whether to include the legend (what colours link with which number) with the puzzles, solutions or neither.
  • Export the legend separately (independently) of the puzzles/solutions
  • Grayscale the puzzles/solutions
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£5,000 £50

Pixel Color By Number Generator BETA LIFETIME (WINDOWS/MAC)

8 ratings
I want this!