The Numbrix Generator

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Want to generate your own Numbrix puzzles for publishing? You are in the right place! The software comes with full commercial rights to the puzzles you create meaning you can do anything you desire with them (except for anything illegal!)

Put them in a book and sell it? No problem.

Sell the puzzles you create to someone else or via another website. No problem.

Keep them all to yourself to play. No problem either!

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely! There is only ONE easy-to-use main screen in the entire program...

How to use it

Choose your difficulty level

Select where you want to save your puzzles/solutions (output is VECTOR (SVG))

Hit generate!

How to further customise

On the right-hand side are further customisation settings for your numbrix puzzles. If hit 'Update Preview' it will load a preview for you of your desired settings.

Customisation options include...

Ability to change the colour of the grid lines and text.

Option to change the grid line thickness

Choose grid size (any size from 4x4upwards)

Adjust the position of the text (numbers)

Choose font and font size.

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The Numbrix Generator

15 ratings
I want this!