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The Word Search Generator (MONTHLY)

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The Word Search Generator

The Word Search Generator is an ONLINE tool for both PC & Mac users allowing you to quickly and easily create Word Searches for publishing, printables, or educational use.

You can access the LIFETIME version here (additional 'taxes & fees' maybe due) -

This listing is for the MONTHLY VERSION

If you are an everything bundle subscriber you have FREE access so please don't purchase!


Generate Word Searches by uploading a word list. Ability to use an image mask, custom font, or to generate in bulk with multiple image masks.

Ability to set font, have profanity filter, custom alphabet (English, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Numbers (for number-based 'word' searches)), Choose different fonts sizes for headers, grid letter and word list.

Choose custom size of word search, threshold for image mask, the image resolution (the higher the number the higher the quality), if you want to outline, highlight or circle your solution words, your desired grid shape (if not using a custom image mask), if you want to display your word list in a comma-separated list or split into columns, choose the thickness of your solution method and adjust the location of your word list and titles.

Further customization options include the ability to capitalize letters, remove word lists in solutions, remove titles, remove word lists, include image mask border, show gridlines, show the border, show image (image mask), and if you want the shown image to be in grayscale,

Choose the opacity of your image and border (if either is used), choose a color for your solution method, and whether you want the word searches generated in PNG, JPG, SVG, or any combination of them.

Choose custom word direction including all 8 directions and the ability to have 'snaking' words e.g. words that can move in any direction rather than just a straight line.

Here are some examples of the sort of puzzles it can generate for you...


You are able to use the content you create using The Word Search Generator freely as long as you have the appropriate rights to the words you use, any images you use and that the content you produce is legal. One license permits ONE USER to use the online interface, for multiple users you must purchase multiple licenses. If multiple users are detected using one account access will be terminated without refund.

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
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No-refunds allowed except in limited circumstances

Due to the nature of the product and for the security of our customers, it isn't possible to offer refunds except in the following circumstances...

1) The software doesn't work* AND you've given us an opportunity to fix this for you.

2) You have purchased the lifetime version. If you purchase the lifetime version we will refund the last month's payment you made. In order to facilitate this you must let us know by email - - that you've upgraded to the lifetime version.

* Doesn't work means it doesn't work in comparison to the listed features and behavior exhibited in the YouTube videos. This doesn't include features you assumed the software had or things you don't like about the software.

Refunds aren’t offered for ‘forgotten’ cancellations whether using a free trial or not. It is your responsibility to cancel before the next charge if you don’t want to continue.

Why don't you offer refunds if you stand behind your products?

Unfortunately, digital products, such as this, are open to abuse by bad apples if we were to allow refunds. For example, using software to to generate the puzzles they want and then requesting a refund. For this reason, we don't offer refunds on this product.

If you should have any queries as to the software, what's included, or how it works you should ask BEFORE purchasing. Please email - - and we will get back to you ASAP

Last updated Dec 27, 2023

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The Word Search Generator (MONTHLY)

3 ratings
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