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Puzzle Generator 2.0 PC

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Quickly bulk create crosswords & calcudoku puzzles and export to SVG, PNG & JPG files. Bulk compile your image into PPTX, PDF or Open Office files. Works on PC (Mac soon). Future puzzles in development for puzzle generator 2.0 include...

word searches, mazes, sudoku, colouring book pages, cryptogram, word puzzles, word scramble puzzles, mine finder, warship puzzles, hangman puzzles, tic tac toe grids, tic tac toe logic puzzles, nurikabe puzzles, Hitori puzzles, 4 in a row grids, skyscraper puzzles & ABC Path puzzles

You have full commercial rights to the content you create using this software. There are NO limitations set by us to how you can use the content you create as long as it’s legal.

That means content you create can be sold on marketplaces (e.g. Creative Fabrica, Etsy), given away as freebies (whether email opt ins or hand outs in schools etc) and used in books you publish, to name a few examples. any questions please email - - including queries regarding bulk licensing.

Crossword Features

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Bulk create your crosswords (asymmetrical only) using the text, excel, open office files or puzzle generator export tool provided. All you need is the questions/clues, the answers to the questions/clues and your crossword titles!

Create limitless crosswords of any size 10x10+ with custom number of questions in each crossword

Includes options to export questions separately, hide questions in solutions or change display format from questions underneath the grid to questions to the side of the grid.

Choose your font, styling, colours, number/letter placement, placement of questions, titles and more!

Control over grid thickness, colour and fill.

Calcudoku Features

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Bulk create your calcudoku puzzles with a variety of different operators including creating puzzles without operators!

Create grids from 4x4 up to 15x15.

Choose maximum total, change operators and replace numbering

Choose your font, styling, colours and number placement

Control over grid thickness, colour and fill

Bulk Image Import

Bulk import images/puzzles into a NEW PPTX, ODP or PDF file or into an EXISTING PPTX or ODP file.

PowerPoint, OpenOffice or LibreOffice isn't required as PPTX/ODP files can be opened and further edited in other software such as Canva, Google Slides, Office Online etc.

Check out the YouTube video here -

The software supports importing PNG, JPG & SVG files.

You can choose up to 8 different folders to import from and choose between 1 - 24 images per page and set minimum margins, spacing, and titles for each image.

Great for importing/compiling puzzle images or similar!

All memberships include a 1 month free trial
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No-refunds allowed except in limited circumstances

Due to the nature of the product and for the security of our customers, it isn't possible to offer refunds except in the following circumstances...

1) The software doesn't work* AND you've given us an opportunity to fix this for you.

2) You have purchased the lifetime version. If you purchase the lifetime version we will refund the last month's payment you made. In order to facilitate this you must let us know by email - - that you've upgraded to the lifetime version.

* Doesn't work means it doesn't work in comparison to the listed features and behavior exhibited in the YouTube videos. This doesn't include features you assumed the software had or things you don't like about the software.

Why don't you offer refunds if you stand behind your products?

Unfortunately, digital products, such as this, are open to abuse by bad apples if we were to allow refunds. For example, using software to to generate the puzzles they want and then requesting a refund. For this reason, we don't offer refunds on this product.

If you should have any queries as to the software, what's included, or how it works you should ask BEFORE purchasing. Please email - - and we will get back to you ASAP

Last updated Mar 7, 2024

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Puzzle Generator 2.0 PC

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